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A small, independent church was founded in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1986, and soon attracted Pastor Barry Bowie, who arrived there four years later, in 1990. His vision was to preach the Gospel of love and compassion toward those who were hurting. Soon after, in 1991, Pastor Bowie invited Gregory Newcomb to join him as an associate pastor. Greg, a recovering alcoholic, sought to reach out to alcoholics and drug addicts in the inner city and help them get better. Pastor Bowie and his wife, Peggy, and Greg with his wife, Angela, felt strongly that God chose them to carry out this mission. In 1993, The Lighthouse was born to fulfill this purpose.

Safe Harbor of Erin

Lighthouse Mission Ministries / Safe Harbor Church is a ministry that is deeply involved in the recovery of men and women who are addicted to alcohol and drugs, as well as homeless men and women.  This is accomplished in part by offering recovery classes, including AA, NA, Counseling, and back-to-work programs and partnerships.  Having over 25 years of experience in the Recovery Ministry, we understand and appreciate relationships that have been built throughout the years.  We also treasure and value new relationships that we are building at this present time.  Some of these relationships include state, local government agencies, and Judicial systems, such as Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (Life Liners), Judges, District Attorneys, Public Defenders, Probation Officers,  Parole Officers, Community Correction Officers and private practice attorneys, and other public officials, such as City Council and Mayors.  We also esteem the powerful relationships with other  agencies which are involved with men and women in the recovery and treatment process.

We have learned through the years the importance of continual communications with all our relationships, especially as it relates to updates and progress reports of all clients in the program.  This communication tool is valuable and essential, and, therefore, is a priority in our everyday processes.  Also, we have found that continued visits are appreciated by all partners of all the agencies, judicial systems, and the public officials, that we enjoy today.   As a result, we are evolving in our affiliations. 

We send monthly updates on each client to all those, in the Government Agencies and the Judicial System, who request such updates.  Through these treasured connections and communications, we are able to model and encourage great recovery opportunities available to all our clients in the program at Lighthouse Mission Ministries / Safe Harbor Church.  It is our desire to that each man and woman has a powerful and positive impact which facilitates recovery and development of new personal life skills. This enables them to become productive and contributing citizens in each of their communities.  Each person in the program is empowered to regain their ability to move upward and forward in their own personal self-worth, life, family, and beyond.

Since its founding, The Lighthouse has helped countless people struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction. The church has grown to include five affiliate churches, collectively overseeing more than 400 beds and six recovery support facilities in two states, and serving more than 2,500 people a year. To date, The Lighthouse has helped thousands of faithful believers in Christ remain sober, independent, and self-sufficient. Some have even gone on to full-time ministry work.

The staff at The Lighthouse is comprised of individuals uniquely qualified for this type of ministry. They offer different life experiences, but are all committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Additional staff members include volunteers who give countless hours of their time, and we are eternally grateful for their time. 

Lighthouse Mission Ministries / Safe Harbor Church wants to express our deepest gratitude for all our partnerships who have contributed to the successes of all our clients throughout the years and for those yet to come.  Thank you!

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