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Commitment to a Life of Faith, Sobriety, & Purpose

Choose to live a life in the image of Christ with help from The Lighthouse, based in Memphis, Tennessee. We help individuals facing hard times restore their faith in God and get back on their feet so they can live productive and faith-centered lives. Through our transitional housing and back-to-work program, called the Nehemiah Program, this is possible. 

Recovery Support 

Safe Harbor is a residential facility affiliated with our organization. They offer a variety of social and spiritual services to help those in our Nehemiah Program avoid getting caught up again in a life of homelessness, drugs/alcohol, and crime. Services include:

Relapse Prevention | Anger Management | Pastoral Support & Case Management | Drug Screening | Basic Education

Nehemiah Program Conditions

The conditions for participation in our diversionary or post-incarceration program are tailored according to your needs. We provide regular reports concerning your status, including drug screening and reporting at a pre-determined frequency. If periodic in-person reporting is required, we will provide transportation to your location, and accompany as needed, provided your court is in our service area.

Mother and Daughter

We offer housing, transportation, and employment services as part of our program. There is no cost to join the program. However, our program is work-based and you must work to pay part of the cost of your care. As a condition of participation in our program, you must allow the deduction of program administrative expenses from your net pay once employed. We may also deduct and remit court-ordered fines and make direct payments to the related court or agency. The Lighthouse is a multi-state child support reporting employer, and withholds and pays child support to the Office of Child Support Enforcement in each case.

The outcomes we seek are intended to provide stability and diminish the likelihood of recidivism:

• Commitment to a Drug- & Alcohol-Free Lifestyle
• Establishment of a Personalized Relapse Prevention Plan
• Development of Appropriate Work Skills, Money Habits, & Stable, Full-Time Employment
• Establishment of an Approved Housing Plan
• Establishment of Aftercare Support in a Recovery or Faith Community Prior to Program Completion
• Satisfaction of All Requirements Imposed by the Referring Agency